Surprise Smells

Walking into the house and smelling my favourite flowers, whether put there by me or left for me as a surprise. Small blessings.

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Hotel Beds

Having 8 down-filled pillows in a queen-sized bed. Big blessings.

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Child’s Play

Having toys to play with while at work. Small blessings.

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Perfect Shoes

I need new running shoes. My last pair were on vacation with me this spring. I was slipping and sliding all over the mountain trails. I finally checked the tred on my shoes and discovered that there was, in fact, no tred on said shoes.

The shoes didn’t come home with me. They instead found a new home in the trash.

I have been shoe-hunting ever since. It is very difficult to find a low-profile female shoe in my size with a hefty tred on them. My feet are far too small to shoe-shop in the men’s section and the boy’s section at Zellers had Ironman shoes only. I finally broke down and bought a pair of lavender-and-grey shoes at Sports Check. I haven’t worn them yet because I really don’t like them (especially at the price I had to pay).

Yesterday I was shopping in another city about 1 hour from home. I stopped at Mark’s Work Wearhouse for work gloves – and I found SHOES!!! Wind River Quad Comfort low-profile shoes for half the price of the painful lavender-and-grey clodhoppers I bought two weeks ago. I have 60 days to return the shoes to Sports Check, so I am well within my ability to get my money back.

Unexpectedly finding the perfect shoes. Small blessings.

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